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TIP 1 Consider limiting the time your child spends in front of TV or playing video games. Use parental controls to limit your child's exposure to unsuitable content. While it is not wrong to watch television or play video games you want your child to develop good learning and language skills. They develop these skills from reading, so ensure they spend as much time reading as possible. Tip 2 Explain what advertisements are: These days children (and adults) are bombarded with advertisements. Children therefore tend to ask for the advertised products. Explain to your child that these advertisements are designed to make people want things they may not need. Tell them that often the ads are meant to make us think that the products will somehow make us happier. Point out commercials on TV in newspapers and magazines or anywhere advertisements may appear. Young children don't know the difference between a story and an advertisement. We need to teach them the difference. Explain that the advertisements are paid for by the company that makes the product. Explain they are to encourage people to buy the product so the company can make money. Most children do not know that the children playing with toys in a commercial are paid actors. They don't understand that because an ad says something is the best it is only the opinion of the company that makes the product and doesn't actually mean it really is the best. 13

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