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STEP 1 Read to your child from an early age. I have heard it said that reading to a baby is ridiculous as they don't understand! NOT TRUE. • You don't wait until your child is old enough to understand you before you ever start speaking to him or her do you? • You don't refuse to sing lullabies to your child because he or she can't sing a tune. • You don't wait until they can hold their drink cup or bottle before you give them toys to play with. Of course you don't. So, why would you wait until your baby can read before you read to them or offer them books? Taking that approach may ensure they don't learn to read. There are many board books or soft fabric books you can read from and offer to your baby to hold chew and play with. It encourages the baby to point, look and touch and develops their attention span. By the time a baby reaches his or her first birthday they will have learned all the sound to enable them to speak their native language. The more you read aloud the more words he or she will learn enabling them to be able to speak better. 4

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