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Step 6 Offer books that compliment your child's interest. A young friend of mine had difficulty getting her 8 year old daughter to read. We met one day over a cup of coffee and my friend said, "I just cannot get my daughter interested in reading at all. She is animal crazy and is always outside looking for one animal or another." The penny dropped! I gave her the books I have written for kids about my animals. Those books are now very well worn. They have been to school to the homes of friends, have been read aloud by parents and grandparents and are treasured belongings. Understand your child's interests and offer books that suit that interest. If a little boy loves football he certainly won't get enthusiastic when offered a book about fairies. Get my drift? If he's interested in Policemen there are many children's books (for various age groups) available to match his or her interest. 9

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